Production DesignAPurchasing MaterialsMaking the machines

SEKIDEN design the production lines and purchases the materials properly in order to produce speedily and exactly as customer's demands.
SEKIDEN develops the machines and lines based on our technology.

Production Design

Purchasing Materials

Cutting & Staking



Quality Control

C[Wʐ^2 Production Design
We design the production process and production line for producing excellent commodity .

C[Wʐ^3 Purchasing Materials
We purchase materials smoothly using computer aided systems.

C[Wʐ^4 Computer aided systems.
We transferred from old system to new computer system on 2005, so we aim to structure the better product management system.

C[Wʐ^5 Production machines ,Maintenance
We make and maintain the machines and lines based on our technology as much as possible.

Possessing machines and instruments
Computer saver system E-5800E3pcsPersonal computer E50pcs
Universal latheE1pcsUniversal milling machineE1pcs
Drilling machineE1pcsSurface grinding machineE1pcs
OscillographE1pcsMemory encoderE1pcs
Welding machineE1pcsNC milling machineE1pcs

Production Design^Purchasing Materials ^Cutting & Staking^
Assembling ^Inspection ^Quality Control ^Shipping

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