Assembling process
SEKIDEN assembles staked wires ,connectors and other parts exactly,speedily.

Production Design

Purchasing Materials

Cutting & Staking



Quality Control

C[Wʐ^2 Soldering process
We solder wires,circuit board and motors by solder irons and solder bath dipping.

C[Wʐ^3 Inserting connector process
We insert wires to connectors one by one to prevent mistaking.

C[Wʐ^4 Taping process
We tape wires and tubes to fix.

C[Wʐ^5 Assembling process
We assemble staked wires ,connectors and other parts.
Then wire harness is accomplished.

C[Wʐ^6 Shrinking tube process
We shrink tubes by heating .
It's the conveyer with heating furnace based on our development.

Possessing machines and instruments
Conveyer with heating furnaceE3pcs Air driverE3pcs
Soldering bathE1pcsLaminate film welder E1pcs
Electric driverE5pcs@

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Assembling ^Inspection ^Quality Control ^Shipping

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