The word "Harness" originates from a pulling device of horse riding gear.
Young people in 19th century drove coaches to pioneer new land for them and cultivated great lands anew.

In 20th century, our lives saw great development due to the advent of motor-driven cars.
Our living area expanded more and more.
The 21st century is full of possibility in which we can make our dreams come true.

Based on wire harness that connects the core parts of automobiles,SEKIDEN creates a future of automobile in higher technology.

In automotive sphere, recomposition on global basis is advancing in an astonishingly quick speed.
Anyone related to this business must make themselves to meet those needs.

What SEKIDEN aims at is to become a "Self-dependable value creating company".
In order to realize this goal, the company must be a suggestive and market creative company.

It is also important to foster people who are active in establishing real enterprise spirit ,creative live information.
We must utilize such estate in our business.
With our own technology and know-how ,SEKIDEN keeps on working hard to meet those change and difficulty.

SEKIDEN assembles wire harnesses.
Our main products are the harness for electrical instrument of automobile, such as lever combination switches,
ignition switches,powered door mirrors, electric wave keys and air bags.

イメージ写真 SEKIDEN also complies with the needs of wire harness in various fields other than automotive application.
We aim at developing our business from a harness maker to assembly maker.

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961-6 Shinjo,Seki-cho,kameyama-shi Mie Prefecture Japan